The Moulting Process

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Re: The Moulting Process

Postby TRW7 » Fri Feb 03, 2012 6:11 am

Hi all,

Pls see this stubborn Penang Shama that refused to molt for almost 2 years.....

Before MOLT & on a unknown diet :- ... OXtzULZvf0

After the molt with a good pellet, Insect feed and good nutrition -:- ... wBm5dyrL2Y

A video paints more than a million words.

Yet to see a shama sans tails( they not everything) with such a character , physique , song variety in comp, feather condition is a sight to behold.

BTW, ensure the following is done religiously during molt:-

1. If allowed in your home, during molt, don't cover your birds bec shamas and all caged birds are very curious and they want to see ppl. If u have to cover then turn them away from human traffic.

2. Alternate between pineapple beetles, fish, frogs, cricket and ants egg if u have & add liquid or powdered calcium in the drier live feeds on alternate days - this is for bone & muscle development and protection.

3. The are good AVIAN MULTIVIT for MOLTING process with the full range of of all the core Vits , minerals, herbs and Amino acids in the right strength for molting birds. The bird in molt is generally weak as such its intake of Vits shd not be the same as the bird in form as it needs to rest as much as possible and go thru the painful process of growing its feathers.

As such NO ADDITIONAL vits are necessary as all of them are in the multivit already and any addition is just a waste of money and maybe detrimental in the long run to your birds health , however, do add 1-2 drops of cod liver oil for feather sheen each time u change your dry feed or into the drier live feed.

The bird in form is also a bird in breeding mood hence the territorial aggression and song that accompanies it & there are nutrition to bring it to that level after the molt formulated with increase levels of most if not all of the Vits, Minerals etc as stated above.

The above video is testimony of what I have stated to my frens up north in Malaysia. I'll soon post the pic/video of my Penang Taimong that was posted earlier in MBF after his 1st molt & tails are reasonably curved and abt 7 to 7.5" - can't complain - same molt process :P

Hope this has helped.


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Re: The Moulting Process

Postby mayzrulz » Tue Oct 09, 2012 10:34 am

All the sifus into molt season?

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